The Journal of Psychohistory
140 Riverside Drive, Suite 14H, New York, NY 10024
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Editor: Lloyd deMause

The Journal of Psychohistory gives you a new psychological view of world events--past and present.

With this exciting quarterly journal, you'll be able to understand the intimate connections between people's emotional life and their social and political behavior.

Termed by Alice Miller as "the first journal that doesn't gloss over the facts of childhood," the journal has for over 40 years been giving readers insights into the hidden causes of social behavior that other periodicals overlook.

Called "scholarly and documented yet readable for the interested lay person" by Library Journal and "the richest decoding of the impulses of our age" by The Nation, the journal contains in-depth articles such as:
  • The History of Child Abuse
  • The Origins of War and Social Violence in Early Traumas
  • The Gulf War as a Mental Disorder
  • The Holocaust and German Childrearing
  • The journal has thousands of readers around the world--scholars, therapists, child activists and others--who tell us:

    "It's the only journal that I read cover to cover." — Sid Thomas, Ph.D., Binghamton, NY
    "The Journal provides me with the understanding of the link between what's happening to my patients and what's going on in America." — Sandra L. Bloom, M.D., Philadelphia, PA

    Subscribe to the quarterly Journal of Psychohistory for $72.00 and get four big issues with articles that apply psychotherapy to current world problems, such as "Childhood and Personality of the Presidential Candidates," "Childhood Origins of WWII and the Holocaust," "The Magical Presidency of G.W. Bush," and much more. Just email your postal address to, and you'll be invoiced for $72.00 for a full year along with your initial issue.
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